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3 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design

E-commerce - 30 Apr 2015

3 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design

It goes without saying that having an e-Commerce website is an essential vehicle for enhancing business profits. However, many companies still believe that simply having an e-commerce platform is enough to drive their brand messaging and promote their products/services. This could not be further from the truth. Many online companies are making common mistakes that are having detrimental effects on their future ROI.

Here are 3 common mistakes in e-Commerce design that should be avoided at all costs:


Whether businesses are selling in-store, or online, it is imperative to catch the attention of potential consumers. One of the best techniques for drawing in consumers is the use of eye-catching, high-resolution, attractive images. All too often, websites plaster poor quality images that are eyesores (unattractive/poor lighting) to viewers.


Some designers think it wise to exercise some creative flair by swaying away from conventional web design structure and instead adding their own unique styles of design layout. While at first, this may seem like a great idea (standing out as different from the rest of the virtual world), it can in fact have a detrimental effect by providing a poor user experience. Conventional layouts are what people are used to using, so swapping things up in terms of design and layout can prove confusing and frustrating for users, who no longer know where to easily find contact information, where to check out items, where to find information on the business, etc.


Social media is all the rage nowadays and it is a huge mistake for any online business to neglect adding social media links to their website. Today, it’s all about exposing the company brand and attracting consumer interest and there’s no better way to do this than through social media. Adding a few social media links to a website can generate insurmountable exposure and profit potential as a result.

Online businesses make mistakes throughout their e-commerce journey towards success. Knowing those potential mistakes and taking the necessary steps to prevent them from happening on their own websites will provide a great buying experience for consumers and provide a brighter future for their own business achievements.

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