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3 Must Have Shopify Apps Your Online Business Needs for Reporting & Analysis

E-commerce - 4 Apr 2017

3 Must Have Shopify Apps Your Online Business Needs for Reporting & Analysis

3 Must Have Shopify Apps

Data is a valuable commodity and it is an essential component for today’s online business processes. If you are using Shopify to power your online store, you will want to take advantage of Shopify apps that provide valuable reporting & analysis data, which can help improve online business success and prevent hindrances to future online growth.

Here are 3 must have Shopify apps, dedicated to reporting & analysis:


One of the most top-rated Shopify apps for reporting, Compass has the ability to track more than 30 e-Commerce metrics,such as refunds, bounce rates, and customer acquisition costs. This app is perfect for those who have little to no IT skills and who wish to have an easy to read dashboard interface for tracking and reading their data. The types of reports which can be generated include: revenue, acquisition, benchmarks, insights, and executive reports.

2. Vantage

Used by over 15,000+ online retailers globally, Vantage analyzes e-Commerce data and calculates over 100 metrics, such as average order value, cart abandonment rates, etc.
Additionally, this app enables store owners to forecast their revenue. Vantage also offers online retailers the capability of launching data driven marketing campaigns, known as Smart Campaigns, which work to increase conversion rates.

3. Lucky Orange

This app enables online business owners the ability to easily identify why site visitors do not become customers. Lucky Orange provides useful data gathered from visitor recordings, heat maps (illustrative map that outlines how site users navigate pages), polls, form analytics, real-time and historical analytics, and funnel analysis.

Shopify is, in itself a powerful e-Commerce platform, and coupled with some useful Shopify apps (such as the ones noted above) that provide reporting and analysis to generate valuable data, online business retailers are able to leverage their online success. Today’s businesses need to incorporate reporting & analysis as part of their business processes, as failure to do so will surely result in missed opportunities for additional sales, and reduced ability to keep up with future competition.

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