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3 New Features Introduced After the Revamp of Google Maps

Google Update - 23 Jul 2018

3 New Features Introduced After the Revamp of Google Maps

Revamp of Google Maps

Long gone are the days of needing to utilize a hard copy map or asking your accompanying passenger how to get from A to B. The Google Maps app, which has evolved immensely since its introduction to iPhone in 2007,continues to improve on its digital mapping tool making it a leader among all other mapping applications available to Smartphones and other digital devices.

Some exciting news for all Android and IOS users is the revamp of the Google Maps which rolled out on June 27, 2018. This revamp of Google Maps introduces 3 new exciting features for Android and IOS users alike, which include Group Planning, Explore and For You.

Here is a breakdown of each of the 3 new features introduced via the revamp of the Google Maps:


Making social plans with others just got a lot simpler with the introduction of group planning for Google Maps. This new helpful feature enables searchers the ability to search for venues, restaurants etc. from a long list and from there choose specific places and place them into a shorter list, which can then be shared out to personal contacts. Once results from the short list are shared out to friends etc,. others are able to up vote or down vote options from the list.


For those looking to explore different hotspot places in the city they live in, the revamp of the Explore tab in Google maps will be a welcome addition. This particular update enables Google map users the capability of not only viewing a list of popular searches that others look for in the area, such as restaurants, cafés etc., but also the ability to see how often they themselves have visited particular places based on categories of search lists.


A new personalized feature introduced via the revamp of Google maps is the For You tab which provides search results ranging from events, restaurants, activities, to shops, etc., all of which are based on results tailored by your own personal preferences.

Google maps continues to be one of the most depended upon utilities for Android and IOS users, and with helpful updates such as those mentioned above, Google maps will remain a leader in digital mapping technologies.

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