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3 Web Design Elements to Boost Conversion Rates in 2017

Website Design - 7 Jul 2017

3 Web Design Elements to Boost Conversion Rates in 2017

Web Design Elements

A common mistake that website owners make is presuming that their professional and polished looking website will be enough to successfully generate conversions, when in fact it takes more than a good-looking website to help increase conversion rates in 2017.

Here are 3 Web design elements which will help to boost conversion rates:

1. Design For Personalization

Running an online business these days is highly competitive, so in order to have an added advantage over other online companies, you want to design for personalization. By providing a more personalized e-Commerce experience, you leave customers feeling valued and less like a simple sale. Through effective analytics tools, you can gain valuable insight about who your target audience is and in turn be able to recommend products which are fitting.

2. Social Media

Reaching out to existing and potential customers is key to building consumer rapport,and by incorporating social media channels inyour web design, you can build on a healthy retail consumer relationship, which in turn facilitates the boosting of conversion rates.

3. Interactive Web Design Elements

A great way to capture attention and engage potential buyers via your website, is to include interactive Web design elements. Incorporating micro-animations, or visual images, which users can hover over to provoke another action, keeps people engaged and increases the chances of them exploring your website further, to purchase items.

The Internet has an overwhelming number of online businesses, all working hard to bring potential customers to their sites; if you want to stand any chance of getting in on potential sales, or boosting your existing conversion rates, you will need to go beyond simple web design aesthetics, and incorporate web design elements like the ones noted above.

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