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4 Crucial Things Every Good Mobile Site Needs

Mobile Optimization, Website Design - 13 Oct 2016

4 Crucial Things Every Good Mobile Site Needs

Good Mobile Site Needs

At one point in time, it was considered optional for online businesses to create a mobile site, but nowadays, with most people using mobile devices in order to access information and purchase products, having a good mobile site is essential to online business success.

Here are 4 things every good mobile site needs in order to satisfy today’s consumers and enhance business success:

1. Design With Fingertips In Mind

Unlike on a traditional desktop computer, mobile users are dependent on their fingertips in order to navigate Web content. Make sure to include ample white space on the screen and consider clickable elements which are easy to use by those who have either small, or larger sized fingertips.

2. Be Mindful Of Download Speed

In an effort to reduce bounce rates and enhance mobile user experience, avoid including background images and other large images.

3. Separate Content Into Sections

On a small screen, large sections of text can be difficult for people to read. Consider separating content by type of content, such as hot topics, or upcoming events, etc.

4. Limit Page Links

Each time an online user needs to click on a link, it takes time for each page to load. Try to include only essential, key links that you feel online visitors need to access in order to get what they need.

Designing a good mobile site does not mean cloning your desktop version of your website, it involves the above mentioned things and a little creativity. Additional things every good mobile site needs can be found by taking a little time to do research online, especially into your own industry, but if you don’t feel you have the skills needed to put together your own mobile site you may want to consider getting a professional company to do this for you.

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