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4 Ecommerce Site Design Trends for 2016

E-commerce - 23 Dec 2015

4 Ecommerce Site Design Trends for 2016

With the new year just around the corner, Ecommerce site design trends for 2016 will vary from those this year.

Although there will be some familiar design elements that will remain essential for web designers, such as responsive design and implementation of a minimalistic approach to visual design, there are going to be some new e-commerce design trends in the new year which online business owners and web designers alike should make note of.

Here are 4 Ecommerce site design trends for 2016 which are sure to keep websites relevant and competitive in today’s tough online market:

1. Material Design

Building up from another popular design element flat design, material design was created by Google with the sole intention of adding in depth and shadow elements in order to provide a richer visual experience for users.

2. Card Layouts

When it comes to striking a balance between a clean, visually appealing design and usability, the use of card layouts does a remarkable job. Popularized through the well-known social channel Pinterest, card driven interfaces are becoming more and more popular in site design, as it works as a great framework for compiling vast amounts of content in an organized fashion.

3. Interruption Marketing

Believe it or not, the old days of pop-up marketing are making a comeback and will be seen among several Ecommerce site designs in 2016. Several online retailers will utilize interruption marketing to leverage their means of boosting sales and effectively promote their e-mail subscriptions using this marketing strategy, to reach a larger targeted audience.

4. Application Cache

In keeping in line with providing great user experiences with online access, utilizing HTML 5 permits access to Web applications without being tethered to an Internet connection, as a cached file is created, enabling easy access to off-line versions of Web apps.

While these 4 Ecommerce web design trends are up-and-coming for 2016, it does not necessarily dictate that you must implement all of these design elements within your website. Pick and choose trends which complement your design and usability goals, as by doing so you will enhance the user experience and future sales.

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