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4 Good Reasons to Install SSL Certificates on Your Website

E-commerce - 19 Dec 2017

4 Good Reasons to Install SSL Certificates on Your Website

Install SSL Certificates

In an era where online security is under constant threat for everyone using the World Wide Web, it’s critical for business owners to secure their websites from potential harm by cyber criminals from around the world.

It is difficult nowadays to find a website that does not include some form of sensitive information, whether that be personal or business information, so in order to prevent information leaks, it’s wise for modern website owners to include an SSL certificate on their website.

Here are 4 good reasons to install an SSL certificate on your website now:

1. Information Encryption

One of the biggest benefits of SSL certificates is that they encrypt information, making it unreadable to anyone other than the intended recipients. Only those with the correct encryption key can read information from websites using SSL certificates.

2. SSL Certificates Meet Payment Card Industry Compliance

In order for your website to be able to accept credit card payments from customers, your website must be secured with an SSL certificate, with an encryption of 128 -bit, as this security standard falls in compliance with the payment card industry.

3. Instills Consumer Trust

If your website includes a combination of an SSL certificate and other seals/icons which display that your site is secured with encryption, site visitors will feel more comfortable supplying personal information via your website, which instills consumer trust with your brand.

4. Boosts SEO Rankings

As Google utilizes SSL as a ranking factor among one of their many algorithms, websites which include SSL certificates will outperform sites which do not include them. When it comes to boosting rankings on Google search, an SSL should be one of the first steps.

The importance of website security can never be underestimated, particularly in a virtual world which is plagued with cybercrime. The Internet, as a whole, continues to grow exponentially, resulting in a greater risk of data being compromised, so do the right thing and protect your business website, and the consumers who use it, by installing SSL certificates today.

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