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4 Mobile Design Trends for 2015

Mobile Optimization - 25 Mar 2015

4 Mobile Design Trends for 2015

The mobile app industry is always growing and adapting to meet the needs of mobile consumers and changes in mobile technologies.

In 2014, there was a big shift in hardware from that of smart phones and tablets to wearable technology and Internet of Things.Changes in technology, changes in branding, popularity of apps, mobile users want and need for a better user experience are all influencing factors that will transform UI design for 2015.
Here is a list of 4 Mobile Design Trends for 2015 which will help companies improve their mobile marketing strategies and improve customer experience:

1. Bigger Screens

Mobile devices, in particular their screen sizes are getting larger. This shift in technology design has changed the way mobile consumers hold and physically use their devices. App designers will be looking for ways to design their mobile apps using a universal approach which would work well with both smart phones and tablets.

2. App Security

Security on mobile devices are a big concern for mobile users and app developers alike. Web Developers need to find and implement effective solutions to stop hackers from exploiting security gaps in mobile applications,preventing unauthorized access to users sensitive information . According to Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile applications will fail basic security tests in 2015.

3. Visual Appeal

In an effort to attract more mobile users to use apps, developers are transitioning from using conservative, flat design approaches to more visually appealing look and feel designs. Through the incorporation of brighter colors, clear text, interactive navigation and even the addition of graphics/text with humor, consumers are drawn in.

4. Navigation

Despite the fact mobile devices have varying screen sizes, mobile applications tend to offer less room for mobile users to navigate. In order to enhance the user experience, mobile designers can keep app functionalities hidden until needed, such as reducing menu items that are relevant to a selection and adding navigation drawers that slide in or out when needed.

The easier an app is for a user to use and learn, the better the chances are for the app to succeed in a highly competitive, highly populated market. These 4 Mobile Design Trends for 2015 are key ingredients to enhancing the user experience and improving the overall success of mobile applications.

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