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4 Tips On Building a New Website The Right Way

Website Design - 14 Mar 2016

4 Tips On Building a New Website The Right Way

If you’re going to own a business in today’s modern fast-paced world, then you will most certainly want to pursue building a new website which is designed the right way the first time around.

Whether you are looking to put together a new website, or build upon an existing one, you will want to get it right the first time around. Here are 4 tips on how to go about building a new website that will save you both time, money and frustration:

1. Use Clear and Relevant Content

Today’s websites must be built with the intention of enhancing user experience. This particular design approach pleases both the major search engines and Internet users alike.

2. Strategically Place Calls to Action

If you want to maximize conversion opportunities, make sure to strategically place calls to action where visitors will know “naturally” that they need to conduct an action, such as “Add to cart”, or “Provide feedback”.

3. Use Unique Photos

Given the stiff competition in the e-Commerce world, it’s more important than ever to add unique elements to your website, which are different from your competitors’. Stay away from using stock photos and add unique, attractive photos to capture the attention of potential consumers and stand apart from your competitors.

4. Optimize Page Loading Speed

To avoid site abandonment, make sure to optimize your website’s page loading speeds, by ensuring that you select a suitable web host, optimizing images, using the right plug-ins for caching, optimizing CSS, etc.

Utilizing these 4 tips will help set the stage for a successful new website that meets both the needs of both your business and those of your customers.

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