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4 Ways That SEO and PPC Can Effectively Work Together

Search Engine Optimization - 4 Jun 2015

4 Ways That SEO and PPC Can Effectively Work Together

While many people approach SEO and PPC as two different marketing strategies, they are essentially two highly effective search engine marketing tools that can add more power to the punch when it comes to marketing campaigns.

The primary difference between SEO and PPC comes down to cost. SEO delivers free organic traffic while PPC traffic comes with a cost attached.

Here are 4 ways that SEO and PPC can effectively work together to build a balanced search engine marketing campaign:

1. Enhanced Visibility

Search engine results pages that include both SEO and PPC efforts provide greater exposure. A common SEM mistake people make is choosing to forgo PPC once rankings have moved up into top positions. As the top two or three SERP results are typically PPC ads it would be more prudent to continue both SEO and PPC strategies so as to continue increased traffic and maintain an established business reputation.

2. Great Analytical Insight On Organic Keywords

A lot of time and money can be saved by first running a PPC campaign prior to taking the time and effort to include keywords throughout a website. After one month of running a PPC campaign one can get a good estimate on keyword search volumes and the potential for conversions.

3. Twice The Keyword Performance Data

A key advantage to combining both SEO and PPC campaigns together is the fact that you end up with twice the keyword performance data. The ability to capture informative data from two marketing tools simultaneously permits the ability to cross compare what keywords are excelling over those that are not and provides the ability to build a keyword list at a faster rate than if running these tools separately.

4. Product Awareness/Consideration And Ready To Buy Combined

In an effort to capture buyers who are in the product awareness/consideration stage and those who are ready to buy, a strategic marketing move would be to have an SEO article about a particular product and include a PPC ad above the article.

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