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4 Ways to Optimize Your Website For Google’s Mobile First Index

Mobile Optimization - 21 Jan 2017

4 Ways to Optimize Your Website For Google’s Mobile First Index

4 Ways to Optimize Your Website For Google's Mobile First Index

There is a new game changer in the world of SERP’s thanks to Google’s latest update, which essentially prioritizes mobile versions of websites over desktop versions of sites in determining search rankings.

This new “mobile first index” update being rolled out by Google should wake up digital Marketers who have been placing their focus on optimizing sites only for desktop users, and open their eyes to see the importance of implementing ways to optimize their sites for mobile users and Google’s mobile first index.

In order to prepare your website to meet the needs of mobile users and to be included higher in the SERP’s, consider these 4 ways to optimize your website for Google’s mobile first index:

1. Mobile Friendly Design

Unlike desktop PC’s, mobile devices come equipped with much smaller displays, which means design elements ranging from site navigation, scale of images, and placement of content need to be considered and adjusted to enhance mobile user experience.

2. Optimize Site Speed

Mobile users frequently access their mobile devices to search for and access information and they want quick access so that they can move on to other daily tasks. Make sure to optimize your website for quick page loading by compressing images, avoiding Flash, removing unnecessary source code, reducing any redirects, and optimizing server response time.

3. Mobile Site Map

If you have a mobile site, make sure to have an XML sitemap for all of your mobile pages submitted to Google’s search console and go the extra step to separate your mobile XML sitemaps from your desktop sitemaps, as you will be able to determine from the search console reports which pages are being indexed more, mobile or desktop.

4. Optimize Video

The use of video on mobile devices can function quite well if an HTML 5 video player is used. This software does not bog down video functionality.

Given today’s highly competitive mobile marketing world, it makes sense to start preparing your website for Google’s mobile first index update, even if it isn’t fully rolled out as of yet. Get ahead of the competition and optimize your site for mobile first indexing now.

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