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4 Ways to Update Your Web Design for Christmas

Website Design - 16 Dec 2015

4 Ways to Update Your Web Design for Christmas

It’s that time of year again when holiday sales surge, not only in brick and mortar establishments, but also online. In order to reap some of the benefits of the Christmas shopping frenzy, e-commerce businesses should consider investing a little time and money to update their web design for their site, as according to Google last year, 78% of holiday shoppers used the internet to research gifts in 2014, and 40% of all holiday shopping happened online.

Here are four ways to update your web design to capitalize on Christmas spending:

1. Add A Touch Of Christmas To Your Homepage Web Design

Consider adding a few festive elements to your homepage, such as red and green font for headings, using holiday illustrations/graphics to add a festive flare.

2. Consider Designing A Holiday Coupon

A creative and fun way to generate a spike in sales over the holiday season is to offer a holiday coupon specific to holiday purchases which are valid only through the Christmas season.

3. Incorporate Holiday Related Content

A great way to attract potential buyers is by incorporating holiday related content, such as holiday baking recipes, DIY holiday craft instructions, Christmas trivia etc.

4. Update Your Logo To Incorporate Festive Elements

If revamping your web design for the holiday season seems to arduous a task, consider updating your logo to incorporate a festive element or two such as using a Christmas tree in replacement of a character in your business name.

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