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4 Web Design Trends to Consider Using In 2017

Website Design - 16 Jan 2017

4 Web Design Trends to Consider Using In 2017

4 Web Design Trends to Consider Using In 2017

With the new year now upon us, 2017 presents some new and exciting web design trends which you may want to consider using for your new or existing web project(especially if you are interested in keeping ahead of the online competition).

While there were a number of great web design trends last year that helped Web designers leverage their websites, this year presents new ideas in web design and visual concepts to help keep site visitors engaged and your website conversions strong. Here are 4 web design trends leading digital design in 2017:

1. Unique Topography

This year we will see further use of unique topography that incorporates a combination of artistic creativity and visual appeal, all while being readable (for desktop or mobile users).

2. Alternative Navigation

Traditionally, the navigation toolbar has always been placed at the top of the website. Web design navigation is moving away from the traditional layout and positioning, in an effort to bring forth a sense of uniqueness and intrigue for site users. This year Web designers will be going against the norm, in terms of navigation placement, so we should see websites with navigation in the form of hidden or pop out toolbars, or placement at the bottom of screens, etc.

3. Cinematic Video

Video has become a popular trend in web design over the past couple of years and will continue to do so in 2017, but with the addition of sound (sound toggle on/off option should be included). The combination of cinematic video with complementary sound can do a great job at enhancing user experience.

4. Gradients

While the use of gradients had fizzled out a while ago, they will be coming back in full force in 2017 as a popular Web design trend. Web designers will be implementing bold and colorful gradient backgrounds and/or using two color gradient overlay on top of images.

Whether you’re looking to start a new web project, or update an existing website, take some time to review the latest in web design trends for this year and decide which trends would work well for your website.

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