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4 Website Design Tips That Help Increase Conversions

Website Design - 20 Sep 2017

4 Website Design Tips That Help Increase Conversions

Website Design Tips

Most web designers know it takes more than a good-looking website to generate sales; in fact many of them make a point of researching frequently to see what website design industry tips and trends are upcoming, as many of these industry changes help increase conversions for proactive businesses.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to keep up with the latest in Web design tips this year, check out these 4 website design tips that can help you increase conversions now:

1. Easy Navigation

If you want people to move forward with their purchases on your website, you have to make your site easy to navigate, making sure site visitors get to where they need to go in as few clicks of the mouse as possible.

2. Fast Page Loading Speed

In today’s busy society, people have become increasingly impatient and, as a result,tend to have short attention spans. According to a study in 2015,conducted by the Aberdeen group, a one-second delay in page loading can result in a 7% reduction in online conversions.

3. Suitable Color Scheme

Choosing a suitable color scheme, which emanates the essence of your business brand,is crucial for evoking the right kind of emotion among site visitors. Color can essentially set the mood and tone of a website, which communicates to online users your business personality.

4. Simple Checkout Process

Increasing conversions can be as simple as ensuring the checkout process is quick to use and easy to locate. Try to include a checkout process that requires only a few steps,from adding items to the cart, straight through to payment. The simpler you make the checkout process for shoppers, the greater the odds that you will receive an increase in conversions.

The constant advancement and changes that come with the website design industry makes it a challenge for all web designers to stay current. With a little research and effort, finding and selecting a few of the latest web design tips, and testing them out for effectiveness, can make a positive difference to increase conversions.

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