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5 Reasons DIY Web Design Can Hurt Small Businesses

Website Design - 30 Jun 2015

5 Reasons DIY Web Design Can Hurt Small Businesses

All businesses are faced with difficult challenges such as promoting the company brand, developing and executing marketing strategies, hiring quality staff etc. When it comes to small businesses though, these standard business challenges are greater than for large companies.

If you own a small business, you know how difficult it can be to strike a balance between saving as much money as possible, yet still launching a successful online presence. While it may seem cost-effective to DIY when it comes to your business Website, there are a number of disadvantages to doing so.

Here are 5 reasons DIY Web design can hurt small businesses:

1. Website Is Not Unique

When it comes to establishing a strong online presence, a unique Website tailored to your business brand and overall corporate message is necessary. If you or your in-house staff are tackling the Website design on your/their own, the skills and experience may not be up to par to today’s trends in Website design.

2. Loss Of Time And Money

It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to produce a useful, effective and professional looking Website. Choosing a DIY Website approach can chew into precious daily work time and also hurt the business budget, as it takes longer to get tasks completed and mistakes are more frequent. Loss of time equals loss of money.

3. Website Is Unsearchable

Chances are small business owners are not experts in the area of search engine optimization. Hiring a professional who lives and breathes SEO can ensure your company Website is designed to be SEO friendly.

4. Website Lacks Connectivity To Social Media Channels

One of the most important online marketing tools available on the Internet is social media. Unless you are a social media guru, it’s probable that your company Website is out of the loop on huge profit opportunities provided by social media channels.

5. Website Is Not Mobile Optimized

With the constant surge in mobile technology use by the general population, a website not optimized for mobile users is essentially a death sentence for any online business. A professional Website Designer has the ability to construct websites which provide enhanced mobile user experience which, in turn, open up opportunities for greater profit growth.

Small businesses cannot afford to waste time or money, so when it comes to determining reasons for avoiding DIY website design, remember these key examples.

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