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5 Reasons Why SEO Is One of The Best Investments For Your Business‎

Search Engine Optimization - 8 Jun 2015

5 Reasons Why SEO Is One of The Best Investments For Your Business‎

There has been a lot of chatter in the digital world about whether or not search engine optimization (SEO) is still regarded as a valuable marketing channel for businesses. Although the SEO landscape has changed to address issues relating to sly methods of SEO and spamming, SEO is definitely a must have tool for businesses of all sizes in today’s internet consumer driven society.

Here are 5 reasons why SEO is one of the best investments for your business:

1. Better Quality Conversion Results

As a result of changes with SEO techniques enforced by popular search engines such as Google, online marketers have had to inject higher-quality content and avoid underhanded SEO tactics such as overuse of repetitive keywords. This enhancement of SEO practices produces organic searches with targeted audiences, less bounce rates, and a higher likelihood of conversions.

2. Captures A Large Percentage Of The Market Share

With nearly 80% to 90% of online consumers conducting research via the Internet prior to purchasing goods/services, the need for SEO is critical to all e-Commerce businesses. The days when people used a phonebook to look up business services/products are long gone, so businesses need to ensure they have a strong digital imprint on the Internet in order to be found by customers.

3. Great Potential For Surpassing The Competition

With anything competitive in the world, it takes constant work and effort to move forward and beat the competition and SEO is no different in that matter. Keeping up with current SEO tactics and strategies will ensure that your business does not fall behind your competitors’.

4. Measurable Results

Apart from being a cost effective marketing strategy, SEO provides ongoing analysis and feedback around the clock. The feedback came from an SEO campaign enables your business to tweak your SEO tactics for optimal results.

5. Stronger Brand Awareness

SEO provide your business with opportunities to establish top positions on search rankings, which instill a positive impression on consumers shopping online. Having your business pages rank in higher positions on popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, promotes trustworthiness amongst e-Commerce shoppers.

When it comes to noting down the best investments for your business, SEO should definitely be near the top of the list. If your business is not currently optimizing its SEO strategies, you should question, “why not?”

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