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8 Reasons Why Not to Buy Website Template

Online Marketing, Web Development - 19 Nov 2011

8 Reasons Why Not to Buy Website Template

As a matter of fact if you are on the internet for pure business purpose than Website Template are bad source for creating a website. Although for a personal or family website you can still opt for but business perspectives are not at all attained through Template Website!

Let’s check out the definite reasons why template website not suitable for a growing business

1.) Representation of your business- Web templates poorly represents your business. No doubt with a low cost alternative and a custom website design you can easily create a website. Templates do not represent your business as they are not capable of effectively communicate your brand and competitive advantages. This is due to the fact that templates are pre- designed structures and do not have any association with your business.

2.) Poor coding- The codes for the template website are often very old and have no track to the recent business updates. In certain case you can see the template website coding appears very poor and even not correct.  Moreover, if you start with such poor coded non-search engine friendly templates it is not possible to convert traffic in the long run for your business.

3.) Flash Website: Website Template mostly uses flash website which is not good as per SEO perspective. As a matter of fact, search engine crawlers are not able to read anything that is produced in flash period.

4.) Technologically incompatible- Website Template is not at all technologically compatible. If with your growing business you want to integrate an advanced search engine friendly system in the CMS it might not be possible if the template do not have that in built feature.

5.) Content Duplicacy- One of the most obvious problem! Although you have the authority to edit or delete stuff at the template certain feature remain the same, so duplicate content is merely at stake. Sometimes people on the assumption as the source code is same they can run with the duplicate content. But here you need to remember search engines are very much concerned with the content that is included within the html, not the html itself. In addition to this, you get inadequate access to create and change content and Meta data.

6.) The Logo Space- As a fact LOGO is one of the important and critical part of the website. The logo in a way succeeds to justify the branding of the specific website. Web template logos are easy to spot as it do not have any unique feature. Moreover, logo design and placement are almost fixed in template website as a result the design created by you won’t fit in that ratio without it being resized, the colors changed.

7.) Design perspective- As per design is concern if you do not know how to optimize images, how to make a HTML link, how to add shopping cart buttons, or no idea about FrontPage or Dreamweaver etc. as with a template design all these you need to do by yourself or hire someone else.

8.) Limitations— with your growing business, you will definitely want to expand your web site. With a template website this may be difficult or full of limitations such as:

a)    Limited space for navigation links
b)    Lack of flexibility
c)    To achieve great rankings, you need the CMS tweaked to allow for some new SEO technique, which is not at all possible
d)    No control over certain/any elements

Recent fact about Template website:

In addition to the above a recent research focuses that law firms in UK and USA suffered huge loss due to the use of website template. No doubt they are affordable and can be built-out quickly but in the long term it losses ground in the fierce competition of internet marketing world.

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