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A Phenomenon in Making – Drupal

Web Development - 6 Dec 2012

A Phenomenon in Making – Drupal

Phenomenon in Making – Drupal

An immensely popular software package, Drupal is a content management system that allows its users to effortlessly manage and circulate their content, along with an endless array of customization possibilities. Since Drupal is an open-source development model, hence many people are simultaneously working on it, thus ensuring its sophistication in supporting the latest online technologies.

Created in 1999 by Dries Buytaert, Drupal was instantly embraced by many users and developers, all across the world. In 2001, was made online. The real edge of Drupal lies in its vibrant user and developer community, which drives the innovative streak that makes Drupal the favored options for website owners and developers. Today, Drupal is a modular platform, continuously developed by a community of more than 22,000 developers and 900,000 users, thereby promoting global collaboration.

Today, anyone can get involved with the development of Drupal, and make a significant contribution to it. This global Drupal community is always passionate to support Drupal through various IRC channels, online forums, and Drupal events. Due to this combined global effort, today Drupal has become the most socially compatible Content Management System, offering its users enormous ease of use as well as flexibility for customization.

A highly secure package, Drupal is always rigorously tested by the Drupal community as well as other global security experts. Today, millions of sites run on Drupal Website Development that includes many government institutions and reputed enterprises, all over the world. At the same time, its ease-of-use has also made it the preferred platform for individuals and small entities.

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