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Changes in Search Queries from Google Webmaster Tools

Google Update - 10 Jan 2014

Changes in Search Queries from Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools has been useful to the webmasters and search engine optimization professionals. It helps in diagnosing the problems that quite often and helps in preventing the site from getting blocked. In addition, it helps in increasing the visibility of the websites. The Webmaster tools have been changing for facilitating the users with more benefits.

Specific Information of Search Queries

In a recent tweaking with the tool, Google provides more details of the number of clicks and impressions that a website gets in the search. This update is definitely a welcome sign to the webmasters having a lot of traffic to their site.

Google collects the impressions and clicks together with the times when users visited a website site and displays the information for the last 90 days. Previously, Google used to give a rounded click data and impressions. At times this was quite confusing to the webmasters as it did not give the exact number.

Separate Search Query Stats for Desktop and Mobile Sites

There will be separate search query stats for desktop and mobile websites. Individuals browse websites differently depending on desktop search or mobile devise search. The recent change that brings the information separately will help the webmasters in determining the problem areas. Google is also displaying the mobile data after users are redirected to a mobile site. It helps in determining when users have seen the desktop page and are redirected to the mobile site. To switch between mobile website and desktop site search queries in Webmaster Tools, webmasters have to select appropriate filter to get different results for the desktop and the mobile site.

Google Updates

Google is on a spree of latest updates. After the Penguin, Panda and the Hummingbird updates, there were a lot of fluctuations in the keyword rankings of many websites. Though the changes were to bring quality to the forefront, many genuine sites too suffered. Website owners and search engine optimization professionals have take necessary steps to cope up with the changes. With the changes in the Google webmaster tools, it gives more confidence to the webmasters as they can connect with Google and see what Google thinks of the site.

The recent changes will help in getting more information, shows what pages are looked in the search engines, analyze internal and external links and help Google bots to find your site easily.

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