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Content Marketing Strategies That Positively Affect Website Ranking

Content Marketing - 24 Feb 2016

Content Marketing Strategies That Positively Affect Website Ranking

As far as digital marketing goes, content is the driving force behind other Internet marketing techniques, such as social media and building links. Algorithm updates initialized by Google this year have drastically changed the landscape of Internet marketing strategies by no longer allowing websites with overstuffed keywords and poor quality to make their way anywhere near the top of its search engine rankings list.

In order to avoid the harsh consequences of this algorithm, it’s imperative to incorporate marketing techniques that have a positive effect on your website ranking. Here are some content marketing strategies that will satisfy Google’s search algorithms and improve website ranking:

• Trim Down Excessive Use Of Content

Websites containing too much content can blur the message/information the author is trying to convey to its audience and in turn, will lose the interest of its readers. It’s best to trim down content writing to only that which is serving a real purpose.

• Don’t Overuse Keywords

Long gone are the days whereby keywords should be littered throughout content writing. Google’s algorithms frown upon the overuse of keywords, so making sure to utilize keywords where it makes sense to readers is optimum.

• Utilize Seo Tools

There are a variety of SEO tools available which can help identify weaknesses on pages to improve website search engines optimization. WordPress offers a free plug-in called Yoast which does a great job of this.

• Keep Content Writing Fresh

While some may feel eliminating content altogether, or rarely updating their content will help in avoiding being penalized by Google’s algorithms, they are greatly mistaken. Stale content will most certainly guarantee a website’s ranking doom. Keeping content writing fresh and relevant to what audiences need will only serve as a benefit to a website’s online success.

In order to remain competitive in the Internet marketing arena, website owners must adhere to Google’s standards for having websites that contain good quality content writing, all for the sole purpose of enhancing the user experience. Failure to meet Google’s algorithm requirements will only have devastating effects, particularly on e-commerce websites, so it only makes sense to place content marketing at the top of priorities when it comes to marketing strategies.

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