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COVID-19: 6 Digital Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Online Presence

Covid-19 - 2 Jul 2020

COVID-19: 6 Digital Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Online Presence

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As we go through these challenging times, what you choose to do now will greatly affect your business’recovery once we enter the next phases. The Coronavirus epidemic should by no means be used as a marketing strategy, however that doesn’t mean that you should cease all marketing until things get better. Right now is the perfect opportunity to adapt your marketing plan, connect with your customers, and look local to support the communities close to you.

Stay Connected

It’s more important than ever to stay connected with your customers. Keep your customers updated on your business operations, offer messages of support and encouragement, and if you are able to, find ways to give back to your local communities. We are beginning our recovery phase and if you don’t work on keeping yourself connected, you risk being forgotten.

Increase Your Online Operations

Even as we enter the first phases of recovery, our new normal will look a lot different than what we were used to pre-COVID. One of the changes that will be sticking around is the demand for online shopping and services. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to expand your online presence and make sure that customers can find you. SEO and social media should be big components of your marketing strategy right now.

Adapt Your SEO

Speaking of SEO, it’s very likely that your pre-COVID strategic SEO plan may need some tweaking. As the world is looking inward and staying close to home, now is the time to focus on local SEO strategies. Consider platforms such as social media, that you may be underutilizing, and re-focus some of your efforts there.

Update Your Content – But Don’t Stop Posting New Content

If you already have great content, there are some minor updates that you may be able to make to help boost your rankings, for example adding a new keyword or a new section. However, you should also be continuing to post relevant, useful, new content to keep customers informed, and to keep your business high on online searches.

Get Ready for Your Business’ Recovery

This too shall pass, we just don’t know when. With the first wave of the epidemic slowly easing and a potential second wave expected in the fall, no one can say for certain how long we will be adapting to this new normal way of doing business. However, that does not mean there won’t be a recovery; people still need the goods and services that they needed before, and successful businesses will be the ones who find ways to continue to operate despite the challenges.

Whittle Down Your To-Do List

If you have be waiting to give your business as fresh look with a redesigned website, you’ve been putting off important upgrades, or are still haven’t created a mobile-first site, now is the time to get all of that done. Clean up your older content, plan your long-term digital marketing strategy, and get ready to get back to business as (almost) usual.

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