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Creating Winning Instagram Ads Direct from Your Desktop

Social Media Marketing - 27 Oct 2022

Creating Winning Instagram Ads Direct from Your Desktop

Instagram Ads Direct from Your Desktop

As a busy business owner, you very likely have a lot more on your mind than managing your social media accounts. However, ignoring your socials could mean neglecting one of your most lucrative markets.

Recent statistics show that the number of regular social media users has grown to a whopping 4.7 billion people. Put into context, that’s nearly 60% of the total global population. However, even this massive figure fails to capture the true extent of social media usage because most social media companies restrict users to those above 13; once the under 13s are factored out, social media concentration comprises over 75% of the world’s eligible population.

Now that we have your attention, we’ll turn to the objective of this blog- How to leverage the power of Instagram for marketing purposes without working from your mobile phone.

Instagram From a Desktop

You would think that creating Instagram ads from a desktop would be NBD – and you would be wrong. Instagram was designed first and foremost as a mobile app and desktop functionality is minimal, to say the least. This desktop platform disconnect presents a significant hurdle for users, particularly those who regularly use Instagram for marketing purposes. Working from a mobile device can be distracting, and we’ve all fallen victim to unfortunate typos while typing on tiny screens.

The good news is some workarounds can help you access all Instagram’s ad features without working from a cellphone.

1. Feed for Thought

If you’re in a rush to share something with your followers, a recent Instagram update has made it simple to create and edit a feed post from your desktop.

Log in to your Instagram account through your web browser
Click on the + icon (left sidebar next to notifications)
A pop-up will appear, prompting you to drag and drop photos or videos from your computer
That’s it. You’re ready to create a new image, video, or carousel feed (up to 10 files)

While standard feed posts aren’t the best marketing tool available on Instagram, they will work in a pinch to help you quickly get important messages out there. Later you can use Ads Manager to convert your feed into a proper ad (we’ll cover this shortly).

2. Polish Your Post

What would an Instagram worth post be without the right filters? Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram focuses on eye-catching, unique, and creative visual media. In other words, your standard cellphone snaps just aren’t going to cut it.

Along with the ability to create an Instagram feed post from your desktop, you also have access to all of Instagram’s editing tools. Use pre-set filters or craft your own through the Adjustments tab.

3. Capture Attention with a Caption

This is where you’ll truly be grateful for the ability to Instagram from your computer- crafting attention-grabbing captions. While your pictures are the focus, the caption is crucial to a successful marketing ad campaign. Let’s face it, typing legible copy is much easier from a full keyboard. You can create, edit, and organize your caption from your desktop, even adding things like emojis by clicking the smiley-face icon. Another great feature available through the desktop Instagram platform is the ability to hide views, likes, and comments, something you might want to consider if you’re planning on turning a post into an ad.

Voila, that’s it and you’re ready to share.

Turning Feed Posts into Ad Posts

Early we mentioned that we would cover how to turn an Instagram feed post into an ad, but first, why would it benefit you to turn a post into an ad?

Promoting a particular post using the Instagram ad feature gives that post a huge audience boost, specifically targeting those most likely to interact with your brand. Simply put, you can take some of your most popular posts and amp them up to extend your reach and generate more clicks.

With an Instagram Ad, you select your goal, define your target audience, and set a budget, while Instagram takes care of the rest. Here’s how to use Facebook’s Ad Manager to take an existing Instagram post and transform it into an attention-grabbing ad campaign:

Log into Facebook through your web browser, head over to the Ads Manager, and select Create
Choose your Instagram Ad objective (for example, brand awareness, traffic, or sales)
Name your campaign and provide ad details
Set your target audience using variables such as age, location, and gender, or create custom audiences
Choose your placements, budget, and ad duration
Pick your ad type – carousel, single image, video – add your website URL, and finalize your copy

Once you’ve checked all the boxes, you’ll still have a chance to review the ad for final approval before it goes live on Instagram.

When it Comes to Social Media Advertising, Constancy is a Key

Congrats! You’ve now created an Instagram Ad direct from your desktop. However, social media is fickle, and to keep your brand fresh in the minds of users, your ads and posts need to be on point and on time; otherwise, your marketing campaigns simply aren’t going to generate the kind of traffic or awareness you’re hoping for.

Luckily, social media management tools like Later can help you plan and prepare your Instagram Ads in advance, posting them at regular intervals. However, these tools still require you to create and develop engaging content.

Another option is to partner with a web development agency. The right web developer is like the secret sauce to your burger. Professional help will not only increase the success of your social media ad campaigns but can also complement your business growth with SEO and other marketing strategies. Ultimately, you may find that you’re spending less on advertising while achieving higher engagement; that’s a win for everyone!

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