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Don’t have a Facebook URL for your business?

Social Media Marketing - 7 Sep 2011

Don’t have a Facebook URL for your business?

Internet marking is trekking new territory and how! With new internet marketing firms cashing in on the social media boom, Nirvana Canada stays focus on what is the best and efficient for your business. A clear understanding can be drawn from the impetus being laid on the best social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

We don’t indulge in every other social networking site that crops up out of nowhere. We are not the ones who run after the newbies such as Google+. The importance of a Facebook URL will help one understand what it can do for your business and what you can expect out of the many “goods” of having a unique Facebook URL or Facebook link for your business.


Regular and steady progress on the social networking sites, providing quality and useful content on it and sharing the same with like-minded friends and prospective circle can help you build a profitable network then you can ever manage with other social networking sites or other online marketing efforts.

Today, social media marketing as well as social media optimization efforts circles around fruitful and proven SEO strategies such as Facebook widgets, Facebook URLs, Fan Pages, Video embed and other value added services and applications available on these popular social networks.

Why Need a Facebook URL?

With Facebook knocking on the doors of everyone, irrespective of their age and background, just about everyone wants to have a Facebook Fan Page of their own and that too well-maintained and well-connected. Owning a website is not enough for your business anymore! You need a buzzing Facebook page that talks about you, about your business, its services and even your beloved pet dog. You have to be in it completely and indulge in personal conversations, talks and what not!

The more fans that you bask in for your official Facebook Page, the more chances are that you will have your own unique Facebook. No more long URLs as now you can flaunt your name and in style as we do with by managing 25 fans to begin with and then you can keep counting your fans as you associate prospects and existing customers through your engaging, informative and stylized Fanpage profile on Facebook.

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