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Google Panda Update and its Ongoing Influence

Google Update - 26 Feb 2014

Google Panda Update and its Ongoing Influence

All online marketing experts try various innovative techniques to promote the keywords and get good search engine ranking. Professional marketing experts create unique content for their websites and try to please Google.

Google Panda Update

In the year Feb 2011, Google came up with Google Panda update to improve quality of the search results. This has put a lot of impact on many websites. All those sites with poor quality content, lot of ads and poor quality links faded away. New sites with quality and informative content, news sites and networking sites took the place of these sites.

The update was a clear instruction to all those internet marketing experts that spamming, spinning, keyword stuffing were all things of past. The SEO content writing drastically changed and all those website owners who aimed to achieve top rankings in Google used informative and useful content.

Keyword Specific Content

The search engine optimization companies and internet marketing experts used to create a lot of keyword specific content. With the Google Panda update, the single keyword based content did no benefit to the websites. It has become important to focus on a group of related keywords to improve the quality of the content. The aim of the update was to benefit the users with informative content with natural style of writing. Therefore, articles, blog posts and other write ups published online for website promotions were written for the readers. This has led to better visibility and sharing of the content and have ultimately helped websites maintaining quality web content writing and achieve SERPs.

Avoiding Excessive Links

When you write an article or a blog, you will definitely want to link it to your website so that visitors who find your write up interesting will visit your website to purchase the products or avail the services you offer. However, if you use excessive links does no good and puts a negative impact on your website. The purpose of Google Panda update is to make things simple and natural as it is and not to push content or the website for its sake.

Panda Recovery

Google Panda has updated several times since the time of its roll out. The update affected the ranking of an entire website rather than individual web pages. Therefore, all those websites that had either poor quality content or duplicate content rewrote the content to add value to it. However, Google has specified that the re-written content should be of sufficient quality and must be useful to the readers.

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