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Google “Pigeon” Update -Will it Impact your website?

Google Update - 28 Jul 2014

Google “Pigeon” Update -Will it Impact your website?

If you are active in SEO related activities or in an online business, you must be aware of the recent update by Google. It has been mentioned as ‘Pigeon Update’ by Search Engine Land Website. Google has come up with a new algorithm to provide more relevant local search results which are tied closely to the traditional way of web search ranking.

As an online business owner, you must have noticed few changes that are visible within the Google Maps search results as well as Google web search results. Although the core changes are still waiting to be noticed yet it has impact on local search result ranking. Local businesses may come across an increase or decrease in their web site referrals and leads.

The update coming from Google suggests that the new local search algorithm ties deeper into the capabilities of their web search. It encompasses hundreds of ranking signals which have been used in web search combined with varied search features. These features include synonyms, knowledge graph, spelling correction and many others.

Apart from this, Google shared that the changes in algorithm will improve their location and distance ranking parameters too. While sharing this update, Search Engine Land Website also revealed that the new algorithm is presently catering to US English results and aims at providing more relevant experience for users searching local results. Though it is still to be revealed by Google that when it would roll out in other countries and languages.

Google has not shared any information on the percent of queries which will be impacted by the algorithm update. This is not actually a spam change but kind of fundamental change to the local search ranking algorithm. Based on early reports, it can be assumed that the local algorithm change will impact a significant number of queries.

SEOs and webmaster have already noticed significant changes. Various forums are discussing the major ranking changes.


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