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Google’s Algorithms Change and Ranking System

Google Update - 20 Jan 2014

Google’s Algorithms Change and Ranking System

Google keeps on changing the algorithm and these changes impact the search results. SEO professionals and webmasters try to comply with the guidelines and make necessary changes in their websites and optimizing techniques to get better keyword rankings. In a recent video released by Google’s Matt Cutts, clarifies that results in different positions are not ranked by different algorithms.

Google keeps on introducing tools that help businesses promote their website through Search Engine Optimization and users with solutions as per their needs. The algorithms change to enhance the quality of the search results for benefitting businesses and users as well. Many studies have shown that over 80% of internet users search for their requirements in Google. To remain on the top ranking in Google plays a crucial role for growth o any business.

What do Algorithm Changes mean for SEO

Every time Google makes a change in the algorithm, it puts an impact on the search results of web page rankings and search results. Traditionally, the web pages used to compete among other web pages to get high search results. The optimization techniques, adhering to the guidelines and rules play a significant role in either getting high rankings or getting black listed from Google.

With unique and fresh content, long tail keywords and better links, a website can beat the competition and get high rankings.  The search engine focuses on bounce rates of WebPages and penalizes high bounce rate pages.

Google Algorithms

There has been a lot of mystery surrounding the Algorithm changes made by Google. Web masters and internet marketing experts across the globe ask if Google has different algorithms for different rank positions. In a recent video released by Google’s Matt Cutts, he answers the question and clarifies that there are no different algorithms for different positions.

To sum it up, we may say that Google leads the search engine and it is necessary to keep a constant watch on the algorithm changes and updates. You will be able to optimize your site according to the specifications and quality guidelines to ensure high rankings.

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