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How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps

Mobile Optimization - 15 Sep 2016

How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps

Developing an app that represents your company brand to a tee and is useful to your consumers is a goal for many of today’s business owners. If you have developed your company app and you are ready to launch it, do you know how consumers really find and use your apps?

There isn’t much point in having an app if consumers don’t find it or use it. According to a study report in 2015 from Google and Ipsos, most consumers become aware of certain apps through friends and family of theirs. Other ways consumers find apps of interest are by browsing through the app store, conducting searches via popular search engines, finding apps on company websites and through television.

The app market is highly competitive, with numerous apps competing to grab the attention of consumers. If you want to get your app noticed and get people to use your app, consider coming up with answers to the following questions:

• What purpose does your app serve?

• How and where can consumers access your app?

• What will keep consumers engaged with your app, so that they will continue to use it time and time again?

Here are some key factors to consider, if you want consumers to find and use your app(s):

• Pay Special Attention To Your App’s Metadata

Make sure to include your business name in your app title, along with a short description of what your business is about.

• Choose Keywords Carefully

Apple provides the ability to include keywords (but remember there is a 100 character limit) which if chosen carefully can prove fruitful in the app search results. Make sureyou do your research to find out what the top ranking, relevant app keywords are.

• Create An Attractive App Icon

If you want to grab the attention of consumers, make sure to create an attractive app icon.

• Consider Your App Cost Factor

Make sure that you research the cost of similar apps available in the market and be sure to price the cost of your app to be comparable.

These are but a few factors that will help consumers really find and use your apps. Making an impression in the app marketplace is quite possible, if you are willing to implement some of these techniques.

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