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How Online Shopping Doubled with Covid-19

Covid-19 - 31 Jul 2020

How Online Shopping Doubled with Covid-19

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Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the world. Be it remote work, stocking up on important things, surviving on the bare necessities, or depending on technology to connect with the world, this pandemic has turned the world on its head in a few months. Companies struggling to meet sales targets are bearing massive losses. With lockdowns mandated, retail shops have suffered greatly. People are venturing out of their homes only to buy important things.

It may be no surprise to see an increase in packages on our doorsteps because many of us are staying home and having necessities delivered instead. Indeed, online shopping is on the rise, and Covid-19 may prove to be the trigger point so many industry owners were waiting for. Based on the data provided by firms, online sales in Canada have doubled, as compared to the last year. A recent report provided by Statistics Canada says that total retail sales declined by 17.9% as Canadians progressively sheltered between February and May and stores closed their doors.

This pushed buyers to move online, with online sales increasing 99.3% during the same period. In May alone, the data shows a 2.3% increase over April and a 99.3% increase over February. And looking at year over year volume, ecommerce sales more than doubled in May, with a 110.08% increase as compared to May 2019.

Some important reasons why online shopping has exploded with Covid-19?

1. New shopping habits redirect consumer loyalty online

With the restrictions, many people have become first-time purchasers of staple and grocery items online. And many of those who were already shopping online in Canada have doubled their use of online grocery services this year.

Online shopping has become the norm during this period, forming a new habitual pattern for online consumers. When consumers form habits during unusual periods, experts claim that those habits tend to last long after the abnormal time has passed.

2. Covid-19 Spurs online growth for various industries

Various market segments that cater to the lifestyles of socially-distanced clients, notably online essentials and entertainment, will continue to see growth. There is a huge demand for membership and subscription services, such as Twitch, Spotify, and Netflix.

Services that boost the convenience of purchases made online are also in demand, though businesses like Amazon are facing challenges to keep up with the influx of orders.

Likewise, there has been growth for tools that facilitate online communication and work-from-home.

3. Consumers spend more time online

While mobile optimization and apps remain necessary priorities for online platforms, there is a boost in website visitors according to a recent survey by the New York Times. People are staying confined to their homes and spending more time on their computers, rather than mobile devices,favoring larger screens when mobility is not a priority.

Companies should take advantage of this beneficial website reach and ensure an engaging website experience for users. Some customers spend significant time on websites, however, this is providing that the website has been well designed and maintained.


Covid-19 has presented new challenges and opportunities for many online stores. We have observed rising concerns regarding people and companies facing devastating financial loss, but some companies have managed to secure an online market position to gain an advantage from the shift in consumer behavior.

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