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Improve Your Contact Page With These 7 Effective Web Design Elements

Website Design - 3 Nov 2018

Improve Your Contact Page With These 7 Effective Web Design Elements

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Anyone who runs an online business knows the importance of their website and how it’s necessary to have a site that is well-designed in order to boost conversion rates, market the business brand, and keep up with competitors. However, one important page web designers can overlook during the design process is the contact page.

Your contact page plays a critical role in fostering that essential trust you need between consumer and merchant, as well as leading the prospective customer to take action. In order to improve your contact page, you should look at these 7 effective Vancouver web design elements:

1. Have a Defined Goal for Your Contact Page

Not every website is the same and this includes contact pages. It’s best practice to have a clear goal for your contact page and decide whether your contact page will be directed toward media relations/PR, as an HR page for potential jobseekers, or perhaps a contact page to support new and existing customers.

2. Include a FAQs Link on Your Contact Page

In order to avoid being inundated with countless phone calls and emails from your contact page, it’s wise to include a FAQs link that online visitors can review, as it may help to mitigate the volume of incoming inquiries looking for answers to simple questions.

3. Make Sure Your Contact Page is Easily Visible

At the top of the list of effective Vancouver web design elements which improve your contact page is simply making it easily visible. To achieve this, make sure to include your contact page in your navigation pane across the top or bottom of your website pages, as well as with buttons that say Contact Us, where appropriate.

4. Humanize Your Contact Page

One of the most practical ways to improve your contact page is to humanize it by including photos that illustrate support staff, as we as humans relate to human facial images subconsciously.By humanizing your contact page, online users will inherently feel they can trust in the information you provide on your contact page and that the support they will receive will be provided by an actual human team member.

5. Advertise Response Times

When consumers need assistance from you they want to know when they will receive a response from you, so it’s best to clearly outline your response times on your contact page, and then, of course, stick to them.

6. Keep It Simple

Make it easy for your online users to access the information they need quickly by keeping your contact page simple, with just enough content and images to tell them what they need to know and a quick fillable form to help them contact you.

7. Incorporate Your Brand Personality

Take the opportunity to include your brand personality within your contact page, as it helps online users relate to your company and what you represent.

There are many types of Vancouver web design elements you can choose from to improve your contact page and by incorporating some of them you can make your contact page more effective.

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