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Innovative Web Development Approaches that Boost Conversions

Web Development - 10 Feb 2016

Innovative Web Development Approaches that Boost Conversions

Innovative Web Development

With the fast rate at which the web design industry moves these days, online businesses need to respond to such industry changes by applying innovative Web development techniques in order to keep up.

Digital marketing these days is highly competitive, so web designers cannot simply rely on using standard web design elements to showcase to the world. In order to attract consumer attention, meet, or beat online competitors and increase profits, companies are using innovative Web development approaches.

Here are some innovative development approaches that help boost business conversions:

• Card Style Interfaces

A popular style commonly seen and used in Pinterest is the use of card style interfaces which are very effective for having an organized layout of information. This style enhances the user experience, as it works well on multiple types of devices making it simple for users to read and navigate.

• Animated User Interfaces

While larger sized animations on the website are becoming less popular, the use of smaller animated user interfaces are increasing in popularity. While users are waiting for pages to load, they remain engaged viewing tiny animations. Capturing user attention and retaining it for longer periods of time helps businesses boost their conversion rates.

• Attractive Typography

Given the availability of a number of typography Web tools like Google Fonts, large, bold and attractive typefaces are visual elements which work well for grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

• Custom Imagery

Falling in line with innovative Web development approaches, discarding stock photos and replacing them with custom images which project the business brand and personality. Custom images not only attract potential business, but help consumers recognize your brand and build trust along the way. Once customers have trust in your brand, they are more likely to do business with you for years to come.

Taking on innovative Web development approaches involves experimenting with different design elements that stray away from standard design techniques. Being unique and forward thinking when it comes to Web development will keep you ahead of the game and more likely to boost conversions over time.

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