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Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Rush? 3 Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization - 15 Nov 2016

Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Rush? 3 Optimization Tips

Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Rush? 3 Optimization Tips

Optimizing your website for the holiday rush is vital for driving sales over this crucial period, so what are the best techniques that you can implement?

Tip 1: Translate your content

One way of attracting more visitors during the holiday rush is to provide translated content for your website, which needn’t be as difficult a task as you might imagine.

Translated content not only helps attract international customers to your services, or products, but it also helps on the search engine optimization front, too.

If you are serious about making your website accessible to another country, or language, then it’s well worth spending the additional time to create profiles of those you are targeting. This way you can amend your content and adjust the tone and style to fit in with theparticular target demographic.

While Google Translate is one basic method of achieving a multilingual website, there is no guarantee that the end result will be easy to understand and grammatically correct in the other language. Worse than this, Google routinely penalizes websites using automatically translated content, due to the questionable quality, making this an imprudent method.

Instead, a much more effective way is to hire a reputable translator to conduct the work for you, allowing you to have a legible and effective translation of your content.

Tip 2: Push holiday content

One of the most proactive approaches you can take to optimizing your website over the holiday period, is to ensure that your holiday-related content is pushed to the visitor.

This may come in the form of holiday-orientated calls to action, amended graphics, or temporarily changing the copy on your website. Creating dedicated landing pages is also a smart move to capture potential clients, while also making any holiday discounts and special deals as prominent as possible, without being intrusive.

Even if you’re not offering a product that might traditionally be thought of as suitable for a present, in most cases it’s still worth converting your service, or product marketing to fit in with the holiday push. Adding a countdown timer to Christmas is one simple and easy to implement feature that can draw attention to your holiday deals and products.

Tip 3: Holiday keywords

To really make the most of the holiday period, researching specific keywords is one of the most effective ways of driving increased traffic to your website.

Using tools such as Google Suggest is one recommended method for finding popular holiday keywords related to your service or product. Temporarily amending the copy of your website, as briefly mentioned above, allows you to add holiday-related terms and phrases into your existing content to ensure relevance for popular search terms.

In summary

The holiday season offers significant potential for many businesses and companies, so ensuring that you optimize your website to make the most of this opportunity is highly recommended, especially as the following months can often be much more challenging, in terms of potential sales and clients.

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