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Maximize your Business Profit by Using Local Listing

Internet Marketing, Location - 8 Sep 2014

Maximize your Business Profit by Using Local Listing

When promoting your business on the internet, SEO or search engine optimization helps you by giving you an advantage over your competitors in various ways. Local listing is an important benefit of using SEO that improves your Google search ranking.

Small businesses can enjoy great benefits from having a local listing. Local search engines help you cater to a particular region which may vary from country to city or neighborhood. Local search engines as well as local listings enable users to search broad terms and get a result page with listings that are meant for their area.

Here are some SEO tips to use local listings to drive more business in Vancouver:

Start off with Claiming Your Listing

No matter what type of business you have, people who try to find you will need your business in the local listing. So, the first thing you need to ensure is to claim your listings. Sites like Google, Yelp and other search engines need you to login and make a business profile. It is essential to fill out every element of your business profile to make the most of local listing. The elaborate information in your business profile gives local search engine users the most information to consider. It also enables you to utilize target keywords to ensure that your listing will be visible to more local users who search your services.

Have Location Pages on the Website

It is vital to create a page for every location where you provide services. If you are a coffee shop with three locations, mention each location separately by dedicating a separate page complete with name, description, business hours and address etc. it is important to claim a local listing for every individual location.

Businesses having a single location page that lists all the names, phone numbers and addresses for their business location limit their ability to maximize long-tail keywords and citations. Citations are equally important for your business online. A citation is a mention of the website in an outside source like an article.

Using Long-Tail Keywords is Vital

Phrases varying from three to five words are known as long-tail keywords in terms of SEO. It corresponds to a specialized, Vancouver, niche market that helps drive more business. For instance, you can use long-tail keywords like “affordable web marketing services in Vancouver” or “best study centers in Canada”.

This type of keyword search can also be used in the title of your business profile. It is essential to use these terms within the description of your business on your local listing profiles. You should consider thoroughly researching keywords to ensure which long-tail keywords or phrases to use as part of your description for local listing.

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