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Mobile Websites Help You Rise Above Your Competitors

Web Development - 30 Jan 2013

Mobile Websites Help You Rise Above Your Competitors

Is a mobile website necessary for your business? Absolutely. It is an ideal way to add a premium service to your enterprise. Research indicates the number of smartphone and tablet users is rising rapidly. A survey shows the number is expected to cross one billion globally by the end of 2013. Another study predicts the number of mobile users would surpass desktop users by 2015. One way to make the best deal out of this development is to have a mobile website. Without one, you would be losing the opportunities to your competitors!


Mobile is the way to go in the coming days. In the last couple of years, mobile searches have increased four times. A major issue that researchers have found is that users tend to ignore the sites with a bad mobile experience, whether it is in their speed, design or functionality. They have also found that more users tend to buy from mobile sites than by using the apps. This implies you can take care of your customers by having a user-friendly site, which is likely to encourage them to buy a product or use a service.

A site analytics can help you see what mobile users are doing, know what trends they are following. You can even use conversion tracking to monitor how users are converting on the site or emphasize on information that will aid conversion. On the other hand, minimal design and simplified navigation are trending in today’s mobile market. The good news is that the ever-developing mobile technology offers plenty of scope for rapid improvement in these sites.

Optimize your website for mobile today. This is one certain way to rise above your competitors.

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