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Must Have Drupal Modules for your Website

Web Development - 8 Nov 2013

Must Have Drupal Modules for your Website

Drupal is a free content management platform used to make different types of impressive and robust websites. This is just the beginning of the story that everyone knows. The functionalities of this tool do not end here! It has different modules that you can install in your website for easy Content Management.

While creating Drupal websites, it is important to keep in mind, Content management has to be absolutely easy for non-developer end users. In order to make content management easy for site owners, certain Drupal 6 modules are recommended here.

If you are a website owner with profound or minimal technical knowledge, you can use the following modules for easy content management.

CSK (Content Construction Kit)

Content Construction Kit or CSK helps in adding content to the existing content. If you want to add an events area, a staff list or a blog, you can easily create using CSK.


Trigger is a default module as it is integrated in the Drupal core module. It is a powerful module allowing you to create triggers based on events on your website. For example, you can create triggers and redirect users to a specific page upon completing the registration process.


In a big site, it becomes difficult to manage too many blocks that get cluttered and confuses you. Moreover, you cannot add a same block to different regions on multiple pages. Multiblock creates more than one instance of a block and solves this issue. This helps in cutting down repetitive blocks and makes training end-users easy.

Views Module

Views module is one of the most powerful modules available for Drupal development. It helps in manipulating, specifying, ordering, organizing and specifying content using certain specifications that you control. It can generate sidebars, news lists and so on to appear on the desired pages of your choice.


This module generates automatic URLs for all the new content you add. These URLs can set URL structure and make them SEO friendly.

Content Access

Content Access is also one of the must-have modules for your site as it enables customized permissions and restricts content access as you choose. You can set user roles that help in maintaining privacy on your site. You can use this module for documentation or for creating wikis on your site.

It is important to seek professional Drupal development experts’ assistance to create user friendly and presentable Drupal websites.

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