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Must Have Elements for Landing Pages Design

Website Design - 12 Mar 2015

Must Have Elements for Landing Pages Design

In today’s competitive e-Commerce world, having a great landing page for a website is critically important. A Landing page is more than just a standalone webpage, distinct from other pages on a website, it is the front door of opportunity for a company.

All of the well-known search engines out there are littered with competing websites, so for companies to have any chance at winning over consumers they need to pay special attention to developing an effective landing page.Websites with a poorly designed landing page face the risk of potential consumers exiting from their website and moving on to another.

To avoid such risk, check out some essential elements to implement when considering Landing Pages Design:


Ensuring your banner headline is clear and easy-to-understand is a must in order to keep online viewers from veering off your site to a competitor’s. An example of a good headline: “Landing Pages Design: Must Have Elements for Converting Searchers to Consumers.”


Headlines containing poor grammar, including incorrect spelling will shake the confidence of potential consumers, leading them to believe that the company is unprofessional/untrustworthy. Online consumers are far more likely to provide their personal information and billing information on a page with good grammar and spelling.


A great way to captivate the attention of potential online consumers is to use video to promote products/services offered. Eye-catching, creative video enables viewers to take in all the information you want to convey without the need to click and navigate the page.


Online consumers expect to access information quickly, so if access to a Landing page is slow, chances are high they will exit and move on elsewhere.


With so many people accessing information via mobile devices, it is essential to use responsive design for landing pages. Pages should be easily accessed on varying screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring ease of access for consumers, particularly when needing to complete forms.

These are just a few key elements that should be considered when creating a Landing page. Businesses that wish to stay ahead of the competition and improve conversion rates should take the time to research other ways of creating and optimizing their Landing pages.

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