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Must-have Shopify Features that Will Boost Sales

Shopify - 5 Apr 2021

Must-have Shopify Features that Will Boost Sales

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Shopify is one of today’s most popular e-commerce platforms, powering over one million websites worldwide, including big names like PepsiCo, Fitbit, and toymaker Hasbro. However, the vast majority of Shopify’s business comes from hosting small and medium-sized e-commerce shops.

There are many reasons why more people are turning to Shopify for their e-commerce needs; it’s easy to use, flexible, and affordable. But one area where Shopify really stands out is its impressive suite of enterprise-level sales features. With solutions like abandoned cart recovery, Facebook integration, and personalized discounts, Shopify provides tools that businesses of all sizes can use to boost their online sales. Unfortunately, too many companies fail to fully exploit all these available functionalities.

Don’t miss out on money-making opportunities. Here are 5 Shopify features that every business should be using to boost sales.

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery

A whopping 88% of online shopping carts are abandoned before a purchase is completed. There are three main reasons for this high level of abandonment; people put things into their carts to check the total price with tax and shipping, they forget about an item, or they are fishing for a discount code. Shopify can help combat deserted carts with:

Retargeting Ads: Encourage customers to come back to your website and complete a sale by employing retargeting ads that present the exact item they left behind.

Push Notifications: Send out personalized push notifications with reminders or discounts enticing customers back to their abandoned carts.

Personalized Emails: Deploy tempting email offers or promotions to customers who have abandoned their carts, with automatic, personalized emails.

2. Discount Codes

People love discounts. Two-for-one, a blanket percentage off, buy-more save-more promotions are a powerful tool for attracting business, especially when so many other retailers are offering them. With Shopify, it’s simple to choose your discounts, set up a schedule, configure minimum purchase requirements, or offer loyalty rewards.

3. Payments On-the-Go

Omnichannel selling is booming, and Shopify has done an excellent job of integrating mobile payment options with its e-commerce platform, with Shopify Payments and Shopify POS. Whether you have an established brick and motor location or travel with your product, Shopify makes it simple to take payment from anywhere.

4. Shopify-Social Media Integration

Shopify takes your business to the customer with simple social media integration. Businesses can now include a shop button on the Facebook page or create shoppable Instagram posts. With 55% of consumers reporting that they have made purchases through social media channels, this market is far too big to ignore.

5. Streamline Checkout

Online shoppers have very little patience for overly complicated checkout pages. But businesses can take advantage of Shopify features that make cart to complete more straightforward for consumers, making everyone happy and boosting sales.

Real-time Shipping Calculations: If your business does not offer flat-rate shipping, include a Shopify feature that automatically calculates shipping rates in real-time, based on the items and destination.

Simple Layouts: Shopify provides great templates for checkout that make the process as streamlined as possible and offer an auto-fill feature for quicker transactions.

Limit Information Requests: People generally dislike having to fill in information online, particularly if they have to do it twice. Use features that automatically use the delivery address for payment and give customers the option of saving their information for future purchases without forcing them to create an account.

Add a Countdown Timer: Countdown timers, particularly if a promotional code is being used, can add a sense of urgency, prompting consumers to complete purchases quicker and reducing abandoned carts.

Shopify is a powerful, feature-packed e-commerce platform that offers something for everyone. However, it is often underutilized by businesses that fail to exploit the platform’s full potential. If in doubt, a Shopify expert can help set up your business’ Shopify store, boost your sales, and ensure you get the most out of your online shop.

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