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One can expect quick e-mail clicks with shopping card reminders

Online Marketing - 15 Jul 2010

One can expect quick e-mail clicks with shopping card reminders

One can expect quick e-mail clicks with shopping card reminders

An Abandoned cart e-mail receives four or five clicks within 24 hours

According to the data received from Experian Cheetahmail data, it has been found that Email marketers who are looking for subject lines to hold attention of their recipients can expect better results by going for appropriate and time-based messages.

A study was conducted by the email marketing services company. It involved over 40,000 messages in March 2010. According to the findings of this research, around half of transactions and three-quarters of opens and clicks take place within a day of getting a marketing email. Thus, good results can be expected.

Email recipients’ number can be increased by simply sending them abandoned carts notice. According to a statement made by Sara Ezrin, Cheetahmail strategic services senior director to stated to eMarketer, such message recipients are already thinking about cart items and are in the market for these products will make them to respond quickly.

Though open and click actions are quite slow. Fastest transaction rates can be earned with Limited time offers like a two-day sale.

According to Ezrin, slower response times should be expected by marketers and they should take the content into consideration while determining the campaign’s success.

Moreover, the transaction rates of welcome mails were low. Soon after customers begun the transaction, welcome mails appear. Thus, more sales should not be expected from them quickly. In order to get better results from such messages, Ezrin suggested marketers to divide their lists carrying information regarding sign-ups from fresh consumers.

“Being able to anticipate customer response time can help businesses optimize everything from forecasting and budget planning to timing the launch of cross-channel promotions and sales,” said Rachel Bergman, general manager and SVP at Experian CheetahMail, in a statement. “This type of insight is invaluable to progressive marketers looking to strengthen their campaign strategies for increased ROI and deeper customer engagement.”

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