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Out with The Old and In with The New: What’s Changing in Magento v2.3.

Magento - 30 Nov 2019

Out with The Old and In with The New: What’s Changing in Magento v2.3.

Magento Web Development

Merchants have been successfully using Magento as their preferred e-commerce platform for over 10 years. With its latest update, Magento v2.3 will continue to provide online retailers an ecommerce system they love while adding exciting new features and tools that will help propel their online growth forward into the next decade. So, what’s new in Magento v2.3?

Multi-Source Inventory (MSI)

Previously Magento allowed for only one inventory source, however with the latest Magento update, users will be able to manage inventory across multiple physical warehouse and retail locations, and even manage orders fulfilled by third party shippers. This change will be particularly beneficial to retailers with limited quantities of stock during peak times, as online orders will be filtered into a “reserved” columnand paired with stock,rather then immediately depleting inventory.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

With mobile e-commerce expected to surpass desktop traffic, creating engaging PWAs that can successfully covert mobile browsers into mobile purchases will be vital to any online retailer. The Progressive Web App Studio will make it simple and cost effective for retailers to build ultra fast, app like web pages that are adaptable to the capabilities of the browsing devices, thus helping to convert browsing traffic into business.

Page Builder

What else is new in Magento v2.3? The Page Builder feature. Retailers will no longer be tied down by complex text-based web pages, but rather will have the ability to create and design their own web sites using a simple drag and drop method. This is not a cookie cutter web page builder, however.Page Builder offers a highly flexible grid-like structure that allows for customization in both content and design.

Graphic QL

Graphic QL is a method of language query originally developed by Facebook. This API (application program interface) dictates the way that a PWA is able to send and receive information from a Magento storefront, making it easier for merchants to search for specific information without any unwanted results.

Bulk APIs

Continuing with improvements to the API, new with Magento v2.3, multiple APIs will be able to run simultaneously, rather than queuing while waiting for the previous search query to complete.

Magento Shipping

Magento Shipping has been updated and improved with version 2.3 to cover more countries and a wider variety of carriers. Magento Shipping is an automated shipping and fulfillment solution that seamlessly works with the Magento dashboard, taking away any of the guess work and freeing up resources and boosting efficiency.

These are just some of the new tools and features available within the updated Magento e-ecommerce platform, and there is no doubt that with these improvements, Magento will continue to be the e-commerce system of choice for so many online retailers.

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