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15 Apr 2020

Some Useful Tips for Working Remotely During the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted in Covid-19

As we are all in danger of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its adverse effects have taken the world by storm, Nirvana Canada, like many other companies, has asked their employees to work from home. We understand that the spread of COVID-19 has affected people in every corner of the world, and Canada is no […]

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Digital Marketing During Covid-19
1 Apr 2020

5 Tips for Marketing During Covid-19

Posted in Internet Marketing

The impacts of Covid-19 are being felt across the globe, affecting all aspects of life. For business owners, the economic impact is dramatic and extremely challenging to manage. As physical distancing and self-isolation force the temporary scaling back or shut down of businesses in most sectors, it is important for owners and managers to be […]

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Benefits of PWA
20 Mar 2020

Top 10 Benefits of PWA and How They Can Boost Your Business

Posted in Mobile App Development

User experience, conversion rates, length of time users spend on a webpage – if you are operating a business with an ecommerce website, and really who isn’t, these are all very important elements to consider. And with the explosion of the number of individual users who are choosing to browse via mobile device over computer, […]

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29 Feb 2020

Top 5 Reason Why You Should Use Node.js

Posted in Node.js

For web developers that have been in the business for a while, working with a new server environment may seem like a pointless task – with the next best thing being released every couple of months, how would you even decide which system to use? Well if you have been lying in wait, still using […]

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3 Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day Sales Tips for Your Ecommerce Store

Posted in E-commerce

The first major seasonal sales event of 2020 –Valentine’s Day – is around the corner. Canadians love to celebrate this day because it allows them to express their emotions and strengthen their bonds with their partners. They look for the best gift options within their budget which will please their sweetheart. Some people prefer romantic […]

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31 Jan 2020

Instagram: A Modern Market for Business

Posted in Social Media Marketing

Just when you think that you’ve caught up to technology, technology throws something new (well not really new, but new to you) your way. You finally set up that Facebook page only to find customers turn around and ask for your Insta handle. If you just said “What?” it’s probably time that you look into […]

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What is Node.js
13 Jan 2020

What is Node.js? Where Can It be Used?

Posted in Infographics, Node.js

Node.js is a cross-platform run environment and can be used for many applications, including chat, data streaming, and server-side web applications.

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E-Commerce Business Secrets
26 Dec 2019

E-Commerce Business Secrets You Can’t Miss

Posted in E-commerce

Every online business owner wants more traffic and sales, and there are always tweaks, adjustments, and tactics you can execute to increase your profits. Whether you’re just starting out, or your business just isn’t seeing the profit growth it used to, you’re probably questioning what you can be doing to set yourself apart from the […]

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Website Redesign
19 Dec 2019

5 Reasons You Need a Fresh Website for 2020

Posted in Website Design

2020 is just around the corner! It’s going to be an exciting new year and your visitors look forward to something new and appealing – why not surprise them with a modern, professional web design? The best gift this holiday season for your business may be a fresh, more enticing and user friendly website. If […]

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Magento Web Development
30 Nov 2019

Out with The Old and In with The New: What’s Changing in Magento v2.3.

Posted in Magento

Merchants have been successfully using Magento as their preferred e-commerce platform for over 10 years. With its latest update, Magento v2.3 will continue to provide online retailers an ecommerce system they love while adding exciting new features and tools that will help propel their online growth forward into the next decade. So, what’s new in […]

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