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Relevance of local keywords in efficient SEO

Search Engine Optimization - 11 Jan 2012

Relevance of local keywords in efficient SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a broad spectrum of services that includes a wide array of services and solutions that are even custom designed to help businesses make a mark on the online platform. There are both regional as well as global businesses that are targeted by the SEO process; however, the same methodology of promotion is not used for the two different magnitudes of business.

Search engine optimization is also a region-specific or region-oriented promotion methodology on the web. If there is a business that has a global appeal or targets the audience worldwide, then wide scale SEO proves effective. On the contrary, if there is a regional company or a local firm that serves a limited area or population or appeals to a certain section of the society, then local SEO proves beneficial.

Local SEO or localized search engine optimization is a process of targeting region-specific long tail local keywords for promotion of local business, firms and service providers within a specified region. For example, The region specified in the long tail keyword. In the similar manner, there are other long tail keywords such as Women fashion apparel; wherein, “women” is the gender-specific word in the long tail keyword and is different from a local keyword.

Local keywords are the keywords which include names of places such as paving contractor, painter Burnaby etc. These keywords are region-specific and are easily crawled by the search engines for local searches. In case, we are looking for a handyman or a particular service provider within our local area or neighborhood, we can type in the local keyword and get host of local service providers in the region. Similarly, we can also use street names in the keywords for easy search.

Local keywords help in improving keyword density of content with localized keywords such as region-specific words and helps search engines in crawling them easily. With the searches on the major search engines becoming more and more specific and region-oriented, people use it for finding out more local and more specific commodities and services online. Similarly, we can use local keyword to optimize our content and help our websites get easily tracked and ranked online on the search engines.

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