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Shopify eCommerce 2017: Updates and New Features You’ll Want to Know About

Shopify - 3 Jan 2017

Shopify eCommerce 2017: Updates and New Features You’ll Want to Know About

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If you are like many other online businesses who have chosen to use Shopify as their eCommerce software solution, you know the many advantages that come with using this eCommerce software platform, such as ease of use, extensive functionality and the number of free, responsive and attractive templates (to name a few).

What you may not already know about are some of the updates and new features in Shopify eCommerce for 2017, so here are a few which you may find useful:

• Creating Conversions Via Messenger Channel

Fostering a personal connection with potential buyers can be instrumental in boosting conversion rates. Shopify now offers the ability for Shopify merchants to,at no cost,add Messenger Channel within their Shopify eCommerce site, which then can connect to their Facebook business pages and, from there, merchants can proceed to select products they wish to sell via Messenger.

• Updated Shopify App For Iphone, Ipad, And Android

Shopify eCommerce rolled out an update for their mobile app this year, for iPhone, iPad and Android, which is faster and has a cleaner look to it. The new app provides real-time updated views of store performance and personalized feeds geared to help grow your business, along with push notifications, so Timeline messages are never missed.

• Apple Pay

Converting website visitors into paying customers is not an easy task, but Shopify has now made it easier for online merchants to do just that. Shopify now offers Apple Pay to customers when they shop via their iPhone, iPad or Android. With Apple Pay, shoppers are able to experience an easy and simplified checkout process, which helps benefit the user experience.

Shopify eCommerce platform is a reputable software, powering over 300,000 online businesses worldwide. Their dedication and commitment to improving their eCommerce software, via regular updates and new features, ensures that online merchants can successfully run their online shop to the highest caliber. Make sure that you regularly check for updates and new features from Shopify, as there is sure to be something of use, which you can apply to grow your business.

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