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Simple Steps to Update Your Shopify Theme

Shopify - 30 Oct 2020

Simple Steps to Update Your Shopify Theme

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Shopify is an eCommerce platfrom that is embedded with many important eCommerce features and for which there are many different themes available. Whatever theme you choose, It is essential to update the theme periodically to ensure that you get the latest features and access to the latest bug fixes and updates to the code. In some cases, the Shopify theme developers provide support to resolve your issues. While in other cases, you will need to update your Shopify theme to a new version in order to get support from developers to solve the issue. So, the question here is, what does updating a theme involve, and does it affect your website or project?

What does updating a Shopify theme involves?

When updating a Shopify theme, ecommerce product pages and collections, regular pages, and blog posts are not affected. However, theme settings, custom changes, homepage sections, and third party apps need to be copied before the update and then manually reinserted in the new theme version. This manual process of updating needs two files, the one with the old version containing the settings and content to be moved, and the one with the latest version that is without that content. If you are going to update your Shopify theme, then there are some measures or steps you can take to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Steps to take before updating your Shopify theme

If you are going to do a manual update of the Shopify theme of your website, then you need to keep these important things in mind. They are discussed below:

Make sure that your featured images and logos are placed in the local folder.

You have relevant app documentation.

You should duplicate your old theme and backup all files and folders. This is necessary, as there will be a chance that the new version will not be compatible with your website.

While updating a theme manually requires a little bit of work, it is important to do, as the theme developers release the updates to fix bugs, patch security issues, and add new features that keep your site up to date.

If you have purchased a Shopify theme, then you will likely be notified in your email about the new version of the theme. You can easily download a zip folder of the Shopify theme’s new version from your Shopify purchase account. Once you download it, you will be able to add it in Admin> Dashboard> Online Store> Themes. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and voila, you will be ready to show your updated theme to your customers. We hope that this blog will give you enough information to feel confident about updating your Shopify theme to a new version.

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