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The Complete Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist

Website Design - 16 Apr 2018

The Complete Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist

monthly website maintenance

Although it may seem a bit tedious and even mundane at times, making sure to keep up with your monthly website maintenance tasks can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Neglecting to perform monthly website maintenance can result in significant loss of sales and revenue for your business, and it can leave your new and existing customers with a poor impression of how you run your online company.

In order to make sure your online website is functioning at its very best, it’s best to follow a monthly website maintenance checklist. It is important to understand that conducting website maintenance doesn’t just come into play when your business changes its business strategies or rebrands itself entirely. Website maintenance typically includes small tasks which can make a big difference in keeping your website in good health.

Here is a complete monthly website maintenance checklist you can use:

• Update Content For SEO

In order to make sure your website remains searchable by popular search engines like Google,and that your customers can find you, you’ll need to make sure to optimize your content for SEO.

• Optimize Website Loading Speed

It is a fact that even the smallest delay in your Website loading speed can deter online users from using your site. Make a point every month to check your website loading speed and make the necessary adjustments to graphics, content, hosting, etc., to maximize your site loading speed.

• Check And Update Security Features

Security measures are a critical element needed for any e-commerce business website today. Cybercrime is steadily on the rise, so it’s crucial to make monthly checks to make sure your security is up to date and working well, as a failure to do so could cost your business everything.

• Backup Your Website

One of the most important tasks on your monthly website maintenance checklist should be to back up your website. Should there be any technical, security, or any other issues with your online website, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a backup of your website and will never have to start from ground zero and build an entirely new website from scratch.

If you’re too busy to manage your monthly website maintenance checklist yourself, perhaps consider hiring a web design company to manage the maintenance for you.

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