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The How and Why of Apple Pay With Shopify

Web Development - 15 Feb 2017

The How and Why of Apple Pay With Shopify

Apple Pay With Shopify

As far as e-Commerce enterprise solutions go, Shopify stands tall against other well-known online store software solutions, due to its feature rich platform. Many businesses around the world are using Shopify to power their online shops, and with its relatively new added feature of Apple Pay, it’s quite probable more businesses will make the shift to using Shopify in the near future.

So, what is Apple Pay? Apple Pay, which has been available to iPhone users since October 20, 2014, is Apple’s innovative mobile payment service and enables users the ability to apply payments for goods and services via their iPhone in a few simple taps on their screen. Although Apple Pay faced some challenges in getting some of the major banks, along with some other financial institutions in the UK, etc. to get on board, Apple has revived Apple Pay by introducing their payment gateway on November 8, 2016 to the Web.

Apple Pays‘ arrival with Shopify is a game changer in terms of ROI performance for online shop owners. E-commerce businesses that add Apple pay as a payment gateway on their Shopify site are essentially adding an additional convenience for their customers, and this added convenience enhances customer experience, resulting in lower cart abandonment and increased sales.

Shopify integrated with Apple Pay means customers no longer need to sign up for an account or take the time to re-enter their personal information in order to purchase items from a Shopify storefront, as Apple Pay comes equipped with presets for customers billing address and shipping details. The checkout process with Apple Pay via Shopify is quick and easy, allowing customers to make their way through the checkout process in a few taps of the finger.

As far as security is concerned, Apple Pay utilizes a highly secure token system which allocates a unique ID for every transaction, in addition to a device account number that is assigned to individual cards. With a security element chip guarding card information stored within the Wallet app, both consumers and merchants have peace of mind knowing sensitive information is safeguarded.

Whether you currently operate a Shopify storefront, or are looking to launch one in the future consider accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment, as not only will your customers benefit from the added convenience of having a quick and easy way of purchasing, but your business will see an increase in sales.

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