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The Importance of Digital Customer Experience in 2017

Online Marketing - 3 Feb 2017

The Importance of Digital Customer Experience in 2017

Importance of Digital Customer Experience in 2017

With every passing year, as technology becomes more sophisticated and useful to consumers, providing the best digital customer experience has steadily moved ahead of all other digital elements trends.

In 2017, digital customer experience will mean more than just designing an intuitive, user-centric design; it will involve making sure digital mobile customers are able to access information at lightning speeds and that customers are able to get what they need on their own,in terms of information, answers to questions they may have, products, and services.

The mobile industry has fueled the need for online businesses to improve the experience for their customers. In 2017, it is expected that mobile search will account for more than 60% of all search traffic. Businesses who are slow to enhance the mobile experience for their customers will be at a huge disadvantage and will likely suffer loss of profit as a result.

The importance of digital customer experience is reflected with Google’s AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project. This open source initiative, (which is well underway), enables mobile users to access web pages at speeds that far outweigh the loading time of desktop access. Businesses this year will be looking to incorporate AMP with their website design,in order to optimize the digital customer experience, so that they meet the needs of modern mobile consumers and gain higher rankings within SERP’s.

Offering self-service solutions will be a priority for online companies as well, due to mobile users’ desire for instant service. By incorporating techniques on websites to have customers accomplish what they need on their own, online business owners can reduce site abandonment rates and provide enhanced digital customer experience.

In summary, the importance of digital customer experience will most certainly be evident in 2017 for mobile users, website owners and site designers alike. Given that this user-centric trend doesn’t show any signs of disappearing, or losing value to online business owners anytime soon, online companies should keep in tune with what their customers want and make every effort to meet these wants, as happy customers are the fabric of successful businesses.

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