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Top 10 Benefits of PWA and How They Can Boost Your Business

Mobile App Development - 20 Mar 2020

Top 10 Benefits of PWA and How They Can Boost Your Business

Benefits of PWA

User experience, conversion rates, length of time users spend on a webpage – if you are operating a business with an ecommerce website, and really who isn’t, these are all very important elements to consider. And with the explosion of the number of individual users who are choosing to browse via mobile device over computer, smart businesses are making sure that their websites are optimized for both desktop and mobile user experience. Before, this may have meant creating a webpage and a separate mobile app, however now, thanks to PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) you can have the best of both in one seamless application. Here is how a PWA can boost your business:

Backed By Google

Google has openly endorsed PWAs and has encouraged more developers to use this type of technology. Given that Google is the single largest search engine currently used, and its mobile first indexing gives priority to mobile optimized content, a PWA is a good bet for boosting your business’ exposure.

Hybrid of Both aWeb Page anda Mobile App

A PWA offers the best of both a traditional web page and a mobile app;it looks like an app but functions like a website, allowing developers to optimize the user experience for both with one single application. This seamless browsing can lead to better conversion rates and increased profits.

Ability to Browse Offline

Thanks to the ability for a PWA to download and cache important information, users are able to access the app on and offline. This enhances user experience and can increase the amount of tine a user spends on your page, especially in areas with poor connectivity or high data costs.

High Performance

PWAs are fast, very fast. This is due to a number of factors, including their ability to pre-load and store information, making it readily available when needed without the user having to download anything.

Direct App Installation

Another benefit of a PWA is that users can download and install the apps directly from the webpage. One area where businesses lose a lot of customers is when users are redirected to an app store in order to install a mobile app, with a PWA this is all done directly from the webpage, reducing abandonment.

Push Notifications

Statistic have shown that users are much more likely to open and read a push notification over an email offer. And with the majority of users set up to allow push notifications, this is an excellent way for businesses to promote their offerings.

Low Data Usage

PWAs are light when compared to other types of IOS and Android apps. This is huge benefit to users with limited data and will enhance and extend the amount of time a user spends on your website.

No Updates Required

Unlike many mobile apps that need to be frequently updated, which can be annoying and costly in terms of data, PWAs require no such updates.

Lower Development Costs

With the dual usage and abundance of features available with PWAs you may expect them to be costly to develop. However, depending on your specific features and requirements, they are comparable in cost to a traditional website and cost significantly less to develop than a native web app.

All said and done,a PWA offer users an enhanced experience, with all of the benefits of a native app and none of the downside. For businesses, developing a PWA means that you can optimize user experience for both computer and mobile browsers with one application. It’s a win for everyone.

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