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Top 5 Reason Why You Should Use Node.js

Node.js - 29 Feb 2020

Top 5 Reason Why You Should Use Node.js


For web developers that have been in the business for a while, working with a new server environment may seem like a pointless task – with the next best thing being released every couple of months, how would you even decide which system to use? Well if you have been lying in wait, still using the Apache HTTP Server, now may be the right time to make the switch to node.js – and there are several reasons why:

Everyone is Doing It

We’re not suggesting you jump off a bridge because all your friends are doing it, but when the big players like PayPal, Walmart, eBay, and Netflix are making the switch to node.js, it may be time to sit up and take notice. Node.js has actually been around for nearly 10 years, which may seem ancient in tech years, however it’s only in the past few years that it has really exploded in popularity.

It’s Really, Really Fast

So you may have already heard that Node.js is fast, but how fast is it, and more importantly, why is it so much faster than some of the other options out there? Well first, node.js is fast –many users have reported speeds up to 20 times quicker than other web servers and up to a 35% reduction in response times. One of the reasons that node.js is so fast is that it uses Google Chrome’s V8 engine for ultra-fast and efficient code execution. The other reason node.js is so much faster is in the way that tasks are completed. Rather than receiving a request, creating a thread, reading the file and sending a reply, node.js utilizes a single thread which allows it to run thousands, or tens thousands of requests concurrently on a single thread, freeing up tons of memory and allowing for quicker performance.

It Uses a Single Codebase – And It’s JavaScript

Short and sweet, no need to learn yet another programming language, or rewrite endless lines of code – node.js uses JavaScript for both back and front-end coding. This makes it simple to send data between the server and the client, and data updates are immediately synchronized on the client’s web-page. And best of all, who doesn’t already know JavaScript?

It’s Great for Web Applications

There are so many reasons why node.js has become one of the most popular platforms for web app development; we have already covered its speed, response time, and ease of use, thanks to its single code functionality, however there is more. Node.js is easily scalable, allowing developers to add nodes to the existing system when and where required. Node.js is also easily extendable and customizable with a vast database of open-sourced tools that are continuously updated.

It’s Mobile Friendly

Node.js light, fast and efficient – which make it the perfect runtime environment for mobile apps and web pages. Where you are hosting live chats, video streaming, or running other real time applications, node.js is just as functional for client web pages as it is for desktops.

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