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Top 5 Website Must Haves

Website Design - 3 Sep 2014

Top 5 Website Must Haves

What do you need to have to ensure your website idea is successful? There are many techniques to learn when creating a website. But while you are learning, keep in mind a few important things that you can implement easily. For any web design in Vancouver, Here’s the top 5 website “must haves” in no particular order.

1. A Clear Goal

There can be a difference between what your website is for and whom the website is for. Make sure you are absolutely clear on what the site needs to do. For example, if you sell girl’s private school uniforms, then your product is for the girls who use them, but the website is for the people who will be buying them. The language and calls to action must target the buyer, not the end user here.

2. Technically Current

The industry changes rapidly. If the site was designed in 2005 with the best tech available almost all of that has changed by now. One of the most common failures of older designs is they are not responsive, or mobile optimized. Millions of people use their mobile device to search businesses, and even make purchases via mobile. If your site has to be zoomed in or doesn’t load images because it uses adobe flash then it’s out of date. Upgrade, and sooner is better.

3. Branded

Your website should be uniquely yours. It should contain key and consistent messages that match all the other marketing you do. Colours, images, logos, taglines and anything else you use to separate yourself from the competition should be on your site. Consistency is a great way to build a brand. Like all your marketing tools, your web pages can be branded well for maximum impact.

4. Image Based

The internet is a visually medium that also delivers information. There has never been a truer time than now that: “An image is worth a thousand words.” You can convey lots of information about the company with a picture. Hire a professional photographer, if possible, to document all the work life, and people you can. And create images that lead customers to more information.

5. Information / User Friendly

You must think like a customer or let the web designers to do it for you. Prepare information by asking customer questions and see how long it takes to find the answer. Where are you? Phone number? Item? Cost? Hours? The easily found answers to these and others specific to your business will let customers find what they need fast. Make it easy for your customers to stay because the competition is only a click away.

Get these things down first and work from there without these items in place your website will seem cheap and old to any web savvy customer. Everything else like SEO for Vancouver, opt-in, and e-commerce is details.

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