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Useful Tips on How to Increase Sales Using SEO and eCommerce

Search Engine Optimization - 20 Feb 2015

Useful Tips on How to Increase Sales Using SEO and eCommerce

Many studies have shown SEO to be a bigger provider in terms of ROI for businesses than other forms of marketing, such as print or television. Ranking higher in search engines draws attention to online businesses and the increase in traffic improves the likelihood of making sale after sale.
A solid marketing plan for any small, medium or large online businesses must include SEO and eCommerce.

Here are some tips on how to increase sales using SEO and eCommerce:

Avoid Content Duplication

In order to avoid suffering in rankings and site traffic loss ensure that duplicate content is not included in more than one URL. Search engines, when faced with multiple duplicate content, will attempt to determine which content is the most relevant on its own, leaving other pages to flounder.

A useful tool for identifying duplicate content on an eCommerce site is Google Webmaster Tools. Look under Search Appearance -> HTML Improvements to locate this:

html improvement

Create an Easy URL Structure

In order for the search engine robots to be able to successfully locate and crawl an eCommerce site, a well structured URL should be in place. A good URL structure should be meaningful (includes keywords) and be straightforward (avoid confusing redirects).

Remove Broken Links

Not only can broken links cause damage to a business’s website, reputation and business revenue,but they can wreck havoc on SEO performance. Broken links discourage potential eCommerce consumers from moving on to other pages on a company Website. In turn, search engines interpret this lack of interest from visitors as though there was poor quality content on a site, thus delivering lower SEO rankings.

Use Effective Keywords

Boosting the effectiveness of SEO and eCommerce can be achieved through the use of optimal keywords. Choosing keyword phrases that are relevant will attract the desired traffic and result in increased profitability. A checklist of questions businesses can use to determine effective keywords is noted below:

keyword selection checklist


There are a number of other useful strategies for increasing eCommerce profitability through SEO but the ones described here are definitely invaluable to improving online rankings. It cannot be overstated that SEO is crucial to eCommerce success. If potential customers who are searching for the products and services you offer are unable to find you, they will make their purchases from one of your competitors instead.

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