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Utilizing Twitter’s New Business Messaging Features

Social Media Marketing - 10 Nov 2016

Utilizing Twitter’s New Business Messaging Features

Utilizing Twitter's New Business Messaging Features

Twitter has recently made essential changes to their messaging system for businesses, but are you aware of what this means for you and your company?

It can be a challenging task keeping up with new and developing technology, especially when it comes to social media platforms, which are constantly evolving and updating their features.

One such development has come from Twitter, unveiling two new features to improve the connection between businesses and the public, as we’ll explain further below.

Do I need to be on Twitter?

If you’re a business, then you really should be on twitter; it’s as simple as that. While that might sound like a sweeping, generalized statement, in today’s era it rings true.

In previous years, only a select number of industries and sectors required an online presence. Now, however, this is seen as essential for the advertising, marketing and public relations of a company, regardless of what industry they are in.

Social media has become the main method and platform for sharing both positive and negative experiences with a product, service, or company. As a result, ensuring that you are able to curate this in the best possible manner is essential to maintaining a good image and public perception among your clients and potential customers.

First form of contact

There is an increasing number of people, principally younger individuals, whose first port of call when contacting a company is through social media. Often, this is by using Twitter, as they present their question on a public platform, for all to see.

This is where it becomes crucial for a business to pay attention to their social media accounts, as they can address any issues immediately and in full view of other potential customers.

New messaging features

Now, back to the recent developments with Twitter and its business messaging system, which makes direct messaging simpler for all parties.

The idea behind these developments is that they create a better experience for customer support teams, as well as for the public.

Welcome messages

The first new development is the welcome message, which is largely self-explanatory. With this feature, businesses are able to set a pre-existing message to welcome people to their business, while also providing additional information about the messaging process.

For example, this may be greeting the customer and asking them to provide a reference number if they are enquiring about an order, or product. Delving even deeper into the welcome message feature, it is also possible to set several different messages, enabling further customization if required.

Quick replies

The second feature is that of quick replies, which allows a business to create and use predefined messages to help speed up communication between themselves and the individuals messaging them. This is particularly useful if you are dealing with commonly raised issues and queries that require similarly worded responses.

Both of these features have now been rolled out by Twitter, so why not log into your account and begin experimenting to see how they can help with customer service, workflow and efficiency.

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